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Vaikka kahvipensaat ovat kaukana Pohjolasta, kilpailee Suomi Norjan kanssa kahvinjuonnin maailmanmestaruudesta! Tutkimusten mukaan keskiverto suomalainen juo noin 5 kuppia kahvia paivassa, joista 3 tyopaikalla! Tekeeko kylma ilma meista “kahvilotraajia”?

Itsekin tykkaan hyvasta kahvista, mutta kuppi paivassa riittaa, useimmiten mustana, mutta  silloin talloin cappucino soijamaidollakin maistuu oikein hyvin… Kiireen keskella huomaan kuitenkin juovani kahvia enemman, ja Suomeen tultaessa on jotenkin tapana vahan valia kahvitella… 

Nyt on hyva taas vahan jarrutella kahvinkin suhteen. Pari viikkoa ilman tuskin tuottaa ongelmia! Tassa vahan faktaa kahvin hyodyista ja haitoista!

                                  Caffeine Top 5 Perks

1. Alertness. Even relatively low doses of 100mg caffeine makes people more alert.

2. Mood. At 200mg people report an improved sense of wellbeing, happiness, energy, alertness and sociability.

3. Concentration. Caffeine can help you perform a variety of cognitive tasks, such as recognizing visual patterns.

4. Performance. If 3-9mg of caffeine per kilogram of body weight is consumed one hour prior to exercise it increases endurance.

5. Faster Effects of Medication. Caffeine constricts blood vessels and helps the body absorb medication more quickly, which is why it is added to some pain medications.

                                 Caffeine Top 5 Quirks

1. Cardiovascular problems. Caffeine increases heart rate, elevates blood pressure and can contribute to the development of heart disease.

2. Stress. Caffeine stimulates the excretion of stress hormones, which can increase anxiety, irritability, muscular tension and pain, indigestion, insomnia and decreased immunity.

3. Blood sugar swings. Diabetics should avoid caffeine… because it stimulates a temporary surge in blood sugar followed by an overproduction of insulin, which causes a blood sugar crash within hours. This rollercoaster causes weight gain since insulin’s message to the body is to store excess sugar as fat.

4. Nutritional Deficiencies. Caffeine inhibits the absorption of some nutrients and causes the urinary excretion of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace minerals.

5. Aging. Many people find that in their 40’s, they can’t tolerate the same level of caffeine consumption they could in their 20’s and 30’s. Production of DHEA (hormone, naturally made by human body), melatonin and other vital hormones decline with age, but caffeine speeds up that process. Caffeine dehydrates the body and contributes to aging of the skin and kidneys. It has been shown to inhibit DNA repair and slow the ability to detoxify foreign toxins.

I believe everything in moderation is good
for us!

                              Kuinka paljon sinulla tulee juotua kahvia? 


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