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Tassa on ohje maailman helpoimmalle ja nopeimmalle tomaattikastikkeelle! Aikaa menee max 10min. Tasta tulee reilu satsi, 4-6 hengelle… Tallaisenaan “raaka” versio, mutta voi myos lammittaa vaikka pannulla. Kylmemmilla ilmoilla jotenkin kaipaa lamminta ruokaa… Syon tata usein (…helposti monta paivaa putkeen) kvinoan ja kasvisten kanssa, mutta hyvaa myos pastan paalla tai pizzapohjan paalle levitettyna!

Here’s the easiest recipe for tomato sauce! It takes only 10 minutes to make it! Its approx. for 4-6 servings… Like this its raw, but you can always heat it, if you need something warm in the cold weather! I like this with quinoa and veggies, over some pasta or as a pizza sauce! 

This is all you need! Usually I put more basil than in the pic, but that was all I had left today.

                                                      TOMATO SAUCE

                                                            -1/2 Red Pepper
                                                            -1 Tomato
                                                            – Sun Dried Tomatoes
                                                              ( soak for 2 hours if its not in oil… I used today in oil)
                                                            – Basil
                                                            – 2 dates
                                                            – 1 glove of garlic
                                                            – Himalayan salt ( or what you have…)
                                                            – Black Pepper
                                                            – Paprika powder
                                                            – Italian Mix spices
                                                            – (Chili powder)
                                                             + Water (You can add some Coconut milk too)

Blend all together as long its “silky”, and if your blender is powerful enough,  blend it as long as its warm. But its really good cold as well! Taste and add more spices if you want!

You can warm the Tomato sauce separately too..

Quinoa, Zucchinis, Spring Onions,  Broccoli
and Yellow Cauliflower

Serve Quinoa/Zucchini mix and Tomato sauce with Ricotta Cheese (or Parmesan cheese) and some Avocados! If you haven’t notice I love Avocados! 


  1. Katness

    Toi kuulostaa ja nayttaa aika lahelle taydelliselta aterialta! Taytyy kokeilla viikonloppuna!

  2. Hellu

    Joo, taa on ihan mun suosikki, ja syon usein monta paivaa putkeen eri variaatioilla…
    Gluteenittoman kvinoaspagetin paalla kans tosi hyvaa! 🙂 … ja kaiken lisaks tosi helppo tehda!


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