My Week in Pics!

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My week was quite busy ( like probably everyone’s before xmas?). All shopping done, and today I started to cook some Finnish specialities. I hate to go to the stores, when its packed, so that’s why I do everything I can, as early as possible. 

I’ve been running only once this week, so far, and my legs feels already much better. Next week I will go more in the gym, but no running! I need this break. 

 I can’t believe Xmas is already on Monday. Only 2 nights… Here’s some pics of my week…

Madison Avenue, and beautiful buildings & Xmas lights.

Laduree’s Xmas window, the line to get in was huge… I wasn’t one of them!

First time in this Yoga School!

There’s so many new recipes, I need to try soon…
And a Smoothie with Strawberries, Gojis, Vanilla Protein & Almond milk

Dinner: Quinoa with lots of veggies+ sliced avocados, and some sweet

Hot apple cider in the Celsius
after ice skating

Marimekko in 5th Avenue, Union Square

One nights “dinner” , Green Juice & 
Acai bowl with Banana & Berries

In the gym

Time to set your goals for next year!


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