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Tassa yksi hyva vaihtoehto perus Hooverille! Liikkeen voi tehda Medicine-pallon paalla niin kuin kuvassa tai Bosun paalla… tai vaikka ihan kammenet lattiassa! Your Choise!

Here you have a great option to work your abdomen instead of plank! You can do this exercise with Medicine-ball (like in the picture) or with Bosu or just with your palms on the floor. Your Choise!


Arms and legs straight, shoulders and wrists in line, pelvis in line ( don’t lift too high or let it drop down!), abdomen tight in, long neck
Keep abdomen squeesed in and bring one knee between your arms, keep your pelvis lifted, arms straight, neck long. Take the leg back to the start and change the side. Repeat as many as you can!
VARIATION 2: Bring the knee to the elbow
VARIATION 3: Bring the knee to your opposite elbow
Lopuks voi sit vaikka punnertaa, jos on liian helppoa 😉 


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