Some Pics of My Week!

by | Nov 25, 2012 | Luokittelematon, Nyc | 1 comment

Morning run view… not bad at all:)

I went to a spinning class this week

I love the names of these juices…

Central Park…

The King of the Thanksgiving Dinner! Oven roasted Turkey, stuffed with celery, bread crumbs…

Traditional Thanksgiving Apple pie and a Birthday
Birthday dinner in this cosy restaurant. Feels so like Christmas…

Yep, First Xmastree already  seen!
And this ” guy” freaked me out….. Before I realized that it was just a sticker picture? in the window…

Aika ruokapainotteinen viikko, niin kuin kuvista nakyy… Thanksgiving torstaina ja triplasynttarit perjantaina! Huh! Mutta kiva viettaa aikaa ystavien kanssa, ja kiva etta on juhlia! Piristaa kummasti 🙂 

Lots of food this week, like you can see… Thanksgiving on thursday and triple-Birthday party on friday. But well, its nice to spend some time with friends. Back on track next week! 🙂

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  1. Hosting

    I saw some of my photos from last year s LobsterFests printed in Tropic Air s 2015 Tropic View booklet.


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