Today’s Question?

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Today I was doing my usual grocery shopping… then I saw this fruit, I’ve never seen before! So today’s question is: Do you know, what is this fruit called?

Do you want to have an Integrative Nutrition book for free? Guess/know what this fruit is and I will draw the winner from all the right answers! I will send the book for the winner!

I think this is a must-read book for everyone, who’s interested in wellbeing and health! I can highly recommend! Hit me with an email or write a message in the comment box! It’s worth it! 

” Learn the secrets of intuitive eating and start building a new relationship with your body. Integrative Nutrition is loaded with valuable insights into nutritional theories, simple ways to nurture your body and holistic approaches to maximize health. Integrative Nutrition offers a play-by-play for proper nutrition and personal growth, and is packed with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.”
                                                     There’s no one-size-fits-all diet.

3 days and my nails are still perfect 🙂


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