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Viime postauksessa kirjoittelin juoksun aloittamisesta… Jos viela mietit niin tassa vahan inspiraatiokuvia Nike Townista ja kauden uusista juoksukamoista! Vaikka juoksuun ei muuta periatteessa tarvitakaan kuin hyvat lenkkarit (kannattaa siis todella satsata hyviin!!!) ja urheiluliivit niin innostaahan se jos paalla on jotain kivaa…

My last post was about, How to start running… If you are still considering, maybe these pics from Nike Town will motivate you to start! Even if you only really need good trainers and sport bra, its always nice to have something new on too…

Hats, gloves, arm warmers…
everything you need
for cold winter!

Nike Pro, Hyperwarm series
Thermal insulation:
Helps to keep you warm when competing in cold
conditions and let you stay in peak performance
mode longer!

And these came home with me…

This Thermal was a great buy, nice and warm ,
but provide optimum mobility! I don’t like when its too thick.

Running Tights, Nike Dri- Fit Tech, helps you to stay dry and comfortable.
I liked the small key pocket on the side.

And I like these hairbands too… nice colors

Katsotaan kuinka jalka nousee sunnuntaina Central Parkissa!


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