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Tanaan tuli viikko juoksematta! Tuntuu ikuisuudelta, mutta onpahan kroppa saanut kunnolla levata.  Sen verran kaheytta viela on kurkussa, etta juoksu saa viela muutaman paivan odottaa! Jotain kuitenkin poltteli tehda… suuntasin siis salille!

I haven’t done any run for a week now! It seems like forever! But I don’t want to exercise when I am not well so I will wait few more days before running again. But I felt that I needed to do something so I went to the gym!

Lateral raises…
… and some shoulder press

My good friend from Brazil gave me some frozen Polpa de Acerola to try with my smoothie after the gym. I mixed this packet with some orange juice, Sun Warrior Vanilla Protein and water! It tasted really good! 🙂 Thanks Fernanda!
Brazilian Acerola Cherry
Acerola Cherry boasts high levels of Vitamin C complex and Potassium. It’s known as well for reducing headaches and fevers, and it supports a healthy nervous system.


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