Forty Carrots

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Viimeisetkin joululahjat on ostettu eika joulustressista ole tietoakaan! Perinteiset Suomi-jouluruuat vaannan sunnuntaina, ja nyt kun meita on aattona vaan 4 niin eipa sita niin hirveasti tarvitse kokkailla, vahempikin riittaa. 

Aikaisemmin talla viikolla tein viimeisen iskun Cityyn ennen joulua, ja siina joulutohinoiden keskella kavin lounaalla Bloomingdalesin Forty Carrotsissa! Oi oi, oli taas niin hyvaa… 

” Bloomingdale’s opened Forty Carrots in 1975 to appeal to its fashion-conscious customers with low-calorie, healthy entrees served in an upbeat casual  environment. To go along with its featured salads, sandwiches, homemade carrot and bran muffins, Bloomingdale’s unveiled new dessert it had discovered in New England , “frozen yogurt”. It was an instant hit, becoming the restaurant 1#selling item, and remains so today 37 years later.”

Juice with Beets, Spinach, Celery, Carrots and Apple
Vegetable Quesadilla… American size!
I have to say, that their frozen yogurt, really is that good! I like just the plain one
or peanut butter with some fresh berries… Mmmm
I shared this “small frozen yogurt” with my friend last time (chocolate/peanut butter), and it’s even bigger than it looks like! We couldn’t finish it, no matter how good it was…

All the Xmas presents are done, and no signs of any Christmas related stress! All the traditional Finnish Christmas foods, I will cook on sunday. 

Earlier this week I did my last trip to the stores in the city (before it gets super busy), and I couldn’t resist to have a lunch in Bloomingdale’s Forty Carrots. It never disappoints! So good 🙂


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