Lenkkia kuvina…

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Ulkona oli viela pimeaa, kun siina ennen seiskaa laitoin juoksukamat paalle ja lahdin liikenteeseen. Jo heti alkumetreilta huomasin, etta tanaan juoksu ei kulje sitten ollenkaan… Askel oli raskas ja pohkeet olivat ihan jumissa. Talla hetkella otti paahan koko juoksu…

Sitten sain idean, etta otan kuvia mun lenkista ja teen postauksen siita… Heti lenkki-into nousi, vaikka vauhti laski ja valilla pysahtyi kokonaan, kun napsin kuvia auringonnoususta… No, valilla nainkin. Nyt on kiva syoda aamupalaa, ja sainpahan tunnin raikasta ilmaa. Paivalla mennaan perheen kanssa viela luisteleen ja iltapaivalla olis joogaa… Sporttipaiva 🙂

Satellites found! Journey can start! You can’t miss me, running with this
outfit! I must look like a cotton candy!

Ok, it doesn’t always look so nice… 
This hill wasn’t fun at all today… 
Some Xmas style
First down…

… I forgot to count the stairs on the way down
so I had to go up and count! 134 stairs!
9/11 Memorial Statue
And home again!

                                                                               60mins and 10K
                                                                       Running and taking pics 🙂

It was still dark outside, when I put my running gear on before 7am and went for a run. Straight away I felt that I wasn’t feeling great at all with my running today… my legs felt like a stone and my calfs were stiff. I was almost turning back home…

Then I had an idea to take pics of my run, cause the weather was so nice and sun was starting to rise. My motivation went back up, even if the pace slowed down and some points stopped completely cause I was taking pics. Well, sometimes like this … Now it’s nice to have a breakfast, and well I got some fresh air. Good start for the day. Later we will take the kids ice skating and in the afternoon I am having a yoga class. Sporty day! 🙂

Tonight I will announce the  winner of the book! Still few hours to guess!


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