Inspiration Thursday!

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Breakfast: My favorite meal of the day! Smily face protein oatmeal, 1/2 pamplemousse & some coffee <3 I know,  it’s not good to read when eating, but I just love my 1/2 hour “me time” early in the morning.
Morning TRX, move your booty 😉
Flower Power
Strike a pose! Morning workout at Seurasaari. Such a beautiful view by the sea.
Asparagus! What a yummy lunch; pike perch, tiger prawns, avocado, mache and asparagus 🙂
I’ve been teaching yoga this week, just loving it <3
Lots of antioxidant rich berries, especially blueberries. The natural superfood from the forest.
Wollen socks and a “very berry” smoothie just before Mondays kettlebell class.

Kännykässäni on paljon kuvia, jotka eivät aina pääse blogiin asti. Siksi kokosinkin teille muutaman kuvan inspiraatioksi. Terveellinen ruokavalio, monipuolinen liikunta, kehonhuolto ja positiivinen elämänasenne. Siinä avaimia hyvinvointiin  <3. Sporttista ja inspiroivaa torstaita!
I have lots of pictures in my mobile phone, which doesn’t always end up here. That’s why I will share these motivational and inspiring ones with you guys. Healthy diet, exercising, wellbeing and positive attitude. The keys for the wellness and overall health <3. Have a sporty and inspiring Thursday!


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