I Love Me- messuilla

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Hyvinvointi, Lifestyle, Luokittelematon, Raakaruoka, Ruokavalio, Wellness | 0 comments

Pikaisesti ehdin perjantaina käydä katsastamassa I Love Me-messujen tarjontaa. Tässä omat suosikkini …

Quickly friday morning I went to check I Love Me fair. My favorites were… 

Madara- My favorite organic skin- and haircare products. 
Kaunis Noora
I miss my hot yoga classes… Hopefully soon! 

The one & only: Vitamix
Magnesium for the tired muscles
Healthy oils in right amounts
Coco Vi

Lunch time! Guacamole & raw crackers


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