Mieli haluaa actionia ja kovaa raakkia, mutta kroppa huutaa lepoa ja viestittaa kipeista lihaksista… 

My mind wants some action and hard exercise, but my body is screaming rest and sending me messages with hurting muscles…

Tanaan voiton vei Flow Yoga- tunti! Tunti ei todellakaan ollut mikaan helppo, lootus asennossa meditointia…juoksun jaykistamat paikat tuntuivat melkein 3kk tauon jalkeen entista jaykemmilta! Tunnin jalkeen olo on nyt ihanan rento ja mieli raukea! Valilla on hyva kuunnella kehoa ja jattaa rankat treenit valiin, jos olo on jo valmiiksi vasynyt!

Today’s winner was Flow Yoga-class! This class is not the easiest one… we weren’t just sitting in a lotus pose 😉 After 3 months break, it felt like forever! My tight muscles from running felt even tighter. But now, after the 75min class my body is feeling so relaxed and my mind peacefull. It’s good to listen to your body and skip the hard trainings if you feel already exhausted.


– Improves posture
– Increase energy levels 
– Sleep improves
– Flexibility and joint range of movement increase 
– Confidence ( You start to see a beauty in yourself that you never new was there)
– Strength
– Better relationships (The ability to relate to people in more meaningful way)
– Mindful eating (Awareness what your body needs, not what your mind tells…) 
– Breathing
– Reduces stress

I could continue this list …..